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4 min readDec 22, 2022

Every year around October/November I write a list of ideas that I want to implement for the next year on the platform. I try to be realistic. Establishing achievable goals. And preventing myself from frustration.

2021 was kind of a success. I implemented most of the upgrades that I wanted and established a constant routine of features on Instagram. So the goals for 2022 were more focused on bringing Conceptual Projects to the next level. Let me share with all of you the most important ones.

Starting on Medium

I discovered Medium around 2020 through a short contribution that I made for The Smart View, a platform dedicated to mobile photography run by Rosa Roth (which also has a Medium profile).

Shortly after collaborating with The Smart View, I worked out a plan to start writing regularly on Medium. After all, this initiative will bring more content to the platform and it will give me more confidence to write in a language which is not my mother tongue.

Our first article was published September 2021 and during 2022, we have been publishing a new article every month.

I considered the articles (and still consider them) as the best way to reinvigorate all the projects that I’ve featured in the past. I started connecting these together and with other contemporary photographers. That’s how Insights was born. Sooner than later I discovered the potential of these articles to originate dialogues between artists that are exploring different perspectives around a specific topic.

Then Selections arrived. These types of articles were more some sort of review of individual works that were presented in international fairs and festivals. To be honest, these short texts helped me to be aware of what was happening in the art world, and at the same time served as a (still small) window to discover new talent and galleries.

First step to the ‘offline content’

Conceptual Projects (now Another Conceptual.Site) born as an online platform, but there has always been an ambition to create tangible content that our audience could purchase and support directly the artist.

Launching limited edition prints of some of the previously featured photographers was an initiative that I put in place with the aim of economically supporting artists that trusted our platform since day one and allowed us to share their work. Online repercussions are great, but it is difficult to live from clicks and likes.

Editions offers an affordable way to acquire an original print from emerging photographers. It is also a first step for first buyers who are passionate about photography and want to directly support the artist. We split equally the incomes and offer to cover production costs if needed.

Personally I consider it as one of the most important initiatives implemented this year and it will be fundamental for the future, as all incomes that we receive for our side will be invested to keep producing more physical content such as publications, offering more limited edition prints, and why not? maybe producing an exhibition!

Who knows what the future has for Another Conceptual.Site!

From Conceptual Projects to Another Conceptual.Site

This is the most unexpected situation that happened in 2022. But maybe it was necessary to have a little bit of fresh air.

2022 was a solidifying year for Conceptual Projects. The platform was getting some buzz. Features were regular, a system was in place for it. Articles in Medium were getting between 200–400 views. And the audience was gradually growing, reaching almost 3000 followers on Instagram.

And then, Instagram decided to disabled our account.

After having a couple of restrictions because of content that was seen by Instagram as “nudity”, and due to suspicious activity, Conceptual Projects account was disabled. I tried to get it back, but Instagram’s system wasn’t really helpful.

Finally I realised the situation and saw it as an opportunity. Maybe the platform deserved a change. And it might be necessary. I took it as a great opportunity to reorganise everything. Bring a new design, establish new content, reinforce the relationships with the audience. And Another Conceptual.Site born.

This past December I used the newsletters to inform our audience that we were migrating all the data from one site to another. I will be launching the new website soon and I cannot be more excited to reintroduce the platform to our loyal and new audience!

That will be a quick resume of all the objectives and situations that I faced during 2022 with Conceptual Projects (from now on rebranded as Another Conceptual.Site).

Overall it has been an exciting year. I have no words for all the people that supported the platform since day one and that has been sending emails, messages and DM’s asking about what happened when the account was disabled. I am extremely grateful for the audience that supported the project and keep sending their submissions to contribute to the platform.

I will continue promoting and learning from artists from all around the world through Another Conceptual.Site in 2023. Bringing new initiatives and offering a space for the new generation of photographers.

Let’s see what 2023 has to offer us!

Hope you enjoyed the article and if you want to discover more about emerging photography. Visit our website for more information and make sure you follow us on Medium!

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Text by:

Juan Blasco — Founder & Curator of Another Conceptual.Site