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3 min readMar 5, 2022

Recently, on our Instagram profile, we featured Costa Tropical by Spanish photographer Pablo Castilla Heredia.

In the course of 6 years, Pablo Castilla explored the coastline area from Granada with his camera, dedicating full days to walk, drive and lose himself in a territory that used to be familiar, but now felt unusual for him. Popularly known as Costa Tropical, this small region from southern Spain is part of the Andalusian province of Granada, adjacent to the Mediterranean sea. Mainly shaped by agricultural zones and small villages and towns, the area illustrates the Spanish coastal imagery.

Pablo Castilla Heredia. ‘Costa Tropical’

Costa Tropical is also the title of Pablo Castilla’s first photobook which was published by Dalpine and won the 3rd edition of Fotolibro <40, a call promoted every year by the Community of Madrid. This yearly call is oriented to photographers under 40 years of age and its purpose is to promote young Spanish photographers through the publication of a book supervised by a national renowned publishing house.

Pablo Castilla Heredia. ‘Costa Tropical’

The photographs in this book are taking us on a trip. A journey where the usual becomes unknown. These ordinary landscapes are accompanied by the light and environment from the Mediterranean coast. Costa Tropical is an alternative vision of the region, where comedy, tragedy and absurdity coexist.

Fascinated by his region, Castilla has walked around with his camera looking for those singular scenes, which he firmly believes hide the most extraordinary moments. He presents us an atemporal imagery where all human activity has been cancelled and the streets now remain quiet and empty.

Pablo Castilla Heredia. ‘Costa Tropical’

Pablo Castilla Heredia (b. 1980, Granada, Spain) lives and works between Granada and Norway. His work is based on the exploration of reality through a documentary-based point of view. After graduating in Fine Arts, he moved to Brussels and lived there for 13 years, where he earned a MA Degree in Documentary Filmmaking and founded a performing arts collective. Since 2018, he has been involved in projects that revolve around photography and territory.

If you want to purchase Costa Tropical we invite you to do it through Dalpine website.

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Juan Blasco — Founder & Curator of Conceptual Projects